Blog post #8: Webquests!

After watching a video by Ruben Puentedura about the SAMR model of technology integration, I was reminded of a lesson I had witnessed while I was an education student. As students, we learned about webquests. These seem to fit exactly in the redefinition part of the SAMR model. Students are put into teams where they are given different roles and have to complete a task together.

We had to create an example for the course we were studying. I remember our now-defunct blog had the students acting as explorers of the solar system. One example of the roles that the student would fulfill would be pilot. This students job was to learn about the distances and speeds that you would have to travel to reach certain planets. Another role was meteorologist. They were in charge of gathering data on the weather of each planet. In the end, the student had to post their information on a blog they shared to unify their concept and create a “feasible” plan for exploring the solar system. I would love to integrate something like this into my classroom. Perhaps with a few more tablets, this would be possible.

If you would like to learn more about webquests, here is a link to a few already set up.


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