Blog Post #7: Coding – The language of the future

We have been asked to talk about our favorite tool that we have used in the course so far. I was really pulled toward the block coding apps on that challenged you to an Hour of Code. I think that we are one of the last generations in which the average person will have relatively no idea how a computer actually works. Most devices and products in the market have been created by specialists and are made to be user friendly. You don’t need to know how to build a car in order to drive one. However, computers are something different. They represent a leap forward in how we process and communicate information. They aren’t a single product like the PC anymore, they are in everything that we do and they will continue to become increasingly important in out lives.

Coding is getting added to curricula for young learners around the world because people are starting to realize this. Having an understanding of how computers work not only grants freedom and power when interacting with a computer, but it also gives us a look into the very nature of how logic in nature works. It is a very exciting time and I think a shift in how we learn is right on the horizon.


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